The Itabo Industrial Park congratulated the Government on the construction of the new two-way highway linking the community of Nigua with the Haina industrial zone.

“PIISA Industrial Park is pleased to extend its heartiest congratulations to the Ministry of Public Works and Communications (MOPC) in the person of its Minister, Mr. Gonzalo Castillo, for the inauguration of the Haina-Nigua variant/alternate lane, a work which was requested of President Danilo Medina,” according to a press release by the business group.

The route, which comprises some 2 kilometers of highway, communicates the Haina industrial zone with that of Nigua, where there are multiple industries, free zone parks, and industrial complexes which generate intense vehicular traffic.

According to PIISA, the incorporation of this lane benefits not only companies in the area by saving them time and fuel, but also benefits thousands of workers, employees, and several surrounding communities.

The Haina-Nigua Variant links up with the Refinery Avenue, and the avenue in turn links up with the Santo Domingo Beltway, which facilitates roadway decongestion, especially with respect to heavy vehicles, by allowing direct access to the Duarte Highway for all traffic towards the Cibao region.