The Santo Domingo Technological Institute (INTEC),who has an extension within PIISA, occupies the first place nationwide University Web Ranking system of Webometrics of the Superior Council on Scientific Research, of Spain, which describes how the institutional gateways of universities reflect their academic activities on the Internet.

The international report also ranks researchers, and in the case of the Dominican Republic, the professors from this academy Yolanda León, María Margarita Villegas, and María Penkova Vassileva, occupy the second, third, and fifth places out of nine positions.

Webometrics on this occasion evaluated 32 universities in the Dominican Republic. In the Caribbean region INTEC was ranked 17 out of 180 higher education institutions, including the measurement made every six months since 2004.

According to the measurement, Harvard University (United States) occupies first place worldwide based on its criteria of evaluation; in Latin America, first place goes to the University of Sao Paolo (JSP (Brazil).

The report provides reliable, multi-dimensional, updated, and useful information about universities throughout the world, taking into account their presence and impact on the web. The individual responsible for the Cybermetrics Laboratory, Isidro Aguillo, assures people that the process is an independent, objective, free, and open scientific exercise.

“The original objective of the Ranking is to promote presence on the academic web, by supporting the initiatives of open access to increase the transfer of scientific and cultural knowledge generated by universities for all society,” according to Aguillo in a communique posted on the Ranking portal.

He explains that the objective is not to evaluate websites, their design or usefulness or the popularity of their contents based on the number of visits or visitors. “Web indicators are considered as proxies in the correct, complete, and in-depth evaluation of the university´s overall performance, taking into account its activities and products and their relevance and impact.”

The expert indicates that, to achieve this objective, the publication of the rankings is one of the most powerful and successful tools to initiate and consolidate processes of change in the academic world, increasing academics´ commitment and establishing very necessary long-term strategies.