Engineer José Tomás Contreras was selected member of the Board of Directors of the World Free Zones Organization (WFZO), representing the Dominican Republic, during its most recent assembly held in this Spanish city. (sic)

The WFZO encompasses 350 free zones in 78 countries. According to this organization, there are some 3500 free zones in 130 countries around the world, representing over 70 million jobs, equivalent to approximately 1% of the active recorded world population.

Contreras occupied the presidency of the Dominican Free Zones Association during 2015-2017, and was elected during the worldwide organizations ordinary assembly held on last October 30, according to Luisa Fernández, executive director of the National Council of Special Free Zones (CNZFE).

“His election represents an important achievement for the country, since it will give us both a voice and a vote in the drafting of global policies for free zones,” Fernández said.

Engineer José Tomás Contreras is a 20-year veteran of the free zone sector in the Dominican Republic.