The Administrative Minister for the Presidency, José Ramón Peralta, underscored the government´s commitment in continuing to support free zones, which are a significant generator of foreign currency and jobs in the Dominican Republic.

He also indicated that instructions will be given to all public institutions linked to the free zone sector to contribute and commit to the development of free zones, as 2018 is the year of the exportations.

Since the inauguration of this government, President Danilo Medina has indicated his commitment to the free zones. “There has been open communication and permanent dialogue with the government and we believe in the e sectors because it generate formal jobs in our country,” Peralta stated.

He emphasized that this sector is key to the Dominican Republic´s development as it contributes some 170,000 direct jobs throughout the country, and stated that last year formal jobs exceeded informal jobs nationwide, and that the free zones have played an important role in that progress.

Peralta also emphasized the technological progress experienced in the free zones, evolving from mere clothing assembly to a more sophisticated production, “which has allowed greater development in that area of the economy.”