A large delegation from the Dominican Republic was represented in the Fourth Worldwide Meeting of Free Zones that was held in Dubai, in which participants analyzed important topics related to the development of the sector, and in which the country aspires to become the regional headquarters of this international organization.

The Dominican delegation, headed by the Minister for Industry, Commerce, and Mipymes, Nelson Toca Simó, with the additional participation of other public officials and business representatives of the country, will attempt to have the Dominican Republic named the regional headquarters for the Americas of the worldwide organization, as a first objective.

The second objective is to be named the seat of the meeting of the worldwide board of directors of free zones that will be held next October, according to a note from the Director of Communications for the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Mipymes (MICM).

Some of the reasons believed to determine whether the country will obtain the regional seat for free zones around the world include the fact that free zones have been instrumental for development in the Dominican Republic, which has fulfilled the objectives of promoting exports, attracting foreign investment, creating jobs, foreign currency, and diversification of industrial production, with worldwide standards of production and productive chains with local industry.

Luisa Fernández, from the National Free Zone Council, said Dominicans are very positive that the Dominican Republic will win the seat, since it´s the leader in free zones in the Americas.