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Basc | OEA
The Dominican Republic
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We are committed to provide our clients with a productive environments through first class infrastructure, highly qualified personnel, and management support, which will allow them to manufactured quality products, delivered on a timely basis and at international competitive price.


We will be the preferred Caribbean industrial free zone by contributing with our clients’ operations to mature into fully integrated world-class facilities.


Competitive, customer satisfaction, teamwork, honesty, trustworthy, motivation, loyalty, quality and ethics.


Latin American Free Zone Investments Dominicana, Inc. (PIISA) is a private industrial free zone park which develops modern infrastructures for rent, offering services such as maintenance, personnel recruiting, physical security, container yard and parking, in a safe and healthy environment for its collaborators.

We are committed to the safety and security of cargo, of our clients, employees, visitors, goods, and shareholders during their stay in our installations as well as the protected zones that surround us. Our plans and processes allow us to both achieve our supply-chain-related objectives, and mitigate and control the risks of safety and security, the environment, and natural phenomena in our internal and external context, which either intentionally or accidentally threaten our image, our operations, the health of our associates and collaborators, and all those to whom we provide services. While ensuring compliance with applicable regulations, we continue to implement and improve our safety and security management and control system.

We make this possible through our commitment to:

Complying with applicable regulations regarding the prevention of work-related risks, and commitments contracted with parties interested in our processes.
Preventing risks linked to our operations, such as work at heights, traffic accidents, injuries from handling manual tools, environmental contamination, occupational illnesses and diseases, as well as others related to dangers that can be identified.
Preventing supply-chain risks, including upstream and downstream operations.
Developing training and awareness programs for our collaborators on the risks to which they are exposed, and their prevention. This requires a commitment by everyone.